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Tube Diffusers - SCN Tecnologie Video

S.C.M. Tecnologie manufactures several different rubber components custom-tailored for special requirements of various types of wastewaters. The most common material is EPDM, a type of rubber which has been used for a long time in several wastewater treatment plants.

Silicone may also be used for fine bubble diffusers, but the membranes of this material are more sensitive to mechanical movements in general, and for this very reason we use special silicone compounds together with special design diffusers.
The silicone membranes are a good alternative, recommended for use in all wastewaters where EPDM may be damaged or destroyed such as those with high concentrations of fats, oils and hydrocarbons. Silicone membranes should be used only for those applications.
For all wastewater with low or average oils and fats concentrations EPDM with low plasticiser content can be used.

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