TYMCO Model DST-4 Mid-Sized Dustless Regenerative Air Street Sweeper Video

The TYMCO Model DST-4, mid-sized, DUSTLESS sweeper utilizes the same state-of-the-art technology as TYMCO's proven DST-6. The DST-4 removes dirt, dust and debris from the sweeping surface, and cleans the exhausted air to 99.999% of 0.5 micron size particles, far exceeding PM10 requirements. TYMCO's patented filtration system enables the DST-4 to be equally efficient in wet or dry conditions, so you don't have to avoid puddles and leave debris behind. Our DST System when coupled with our Regenerative Air System produces the most technologically advanced street sweeper available today. Both our DST-4 and DST-6 set the performance standards for particulate matter removal in the U.S. and Canada. Mounted on a highly maneuverable cabover 'standard truck chassis,' the DST-4 can travel to the job site at legal speed limits and then perform the dustless cleaning required in industrial and municipal applications. The DST-4's low profile allows the sweeper to clean in those hard to reach areas. The DUSTLESS features are engineered to allow the sweeper to perform in all types of weather conditions with no operator adjustments required.

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