Ultra Sonic Scale Detection Sensor - Video

Sensing the commencement of local mineral scaling on surfaces is achieved by applying ultrasonic technique. The technique is based on the change in the shape and arrival time of ultrasonic waves reflected from the surface being monitored. When the surface is scaled, the arrival time and shape of the reflected wave is changed. Therefore the ultrasonic sensor acts as a null sensor and allows use of existing surfaces as the baseline for detecting changes. This makes the sensor quite sensitive to the initiation of scaling processes. Special algorithms have been developed that allow sensing this change in real time. One of the inherent advantages of ultrasonic sensors is that they are non-invasive. They are therefore ideal for identifying potential scaling problems and for providing in-situ real time warning of incipient scaling on surfaces in water treatment and process equipment such as pipelines, membrane modules, heat exchangers and cooling towers.
The scientific basis for the Ultra-Sonic based Scale Sensor technology was developed at the Colorado-Bolder University, USA. ROTEC signed an exclusive and irrevocable license agreement with the University, regarding their membrane scaling ultrasonic detection technology.
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