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Vac-Tron Culvert Clean Out Using Trailer-Mounted Vacuum System Video

Vac-Tron Mini-Combo series in use for culvert clean-out. The Mini Combo is one of the most versatile jetter machines on the market today, combining major hydro excavation, vacuum & jetter action. These machines are the right size for the right job, whether you're cleaning lift stations, treatment plants, laterals, manholes, meter and valve boxes, carbon filtration boxes, culverts, or storm drains. Install street signs and minimize damage to utility lines. The Mini Combo also has the power and performance to pothole (locate underground utilities more safely) with ease. These trailer-mounted vacuum units are completely self contained, have waterproof, lockable curbside controls, and the best filtration in the industry. The hydraulic rear-door lock opens and closes with the touch of a button. The jetter has an electric clutch with on/off control, low-water automatic shut- down, and industrial-grade Cat Pump. A six-way boom is optional. Perfect for municipalities and contractors who work with them.

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