Vantage S- and X-Series 2013 Video

Learn about Exmark's Vantage S-Series and X-Series Stand-On Commercial Mowers. Setting the bar for Stand-On Mower performance and operator comfort.

We offer several models in both the Vantage S-Series and Vantage X-Series. Both feature a large, rubber platform with self-compensating suspension that allows the operator to easily and comfortably shift his or her weight on hills for maximum control and maneuverability. Exmark's patented thigh pads also comfortably conform to the operator's legs, without interfering when the platform is folded up for storage, trailering or converting the Vantage to a Walk-Behind. The Vantage X-Series features Exmark's patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) for unmatched, day-long operator comfort.

Exmark Vantage:
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