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Versatrax - 100 - Crawlers Vehicles – Video 2

With the addition of a magnetic attachment for its parallel chassis, the Versatrax 100 ( is able to climb the steel wall shown. The remotely operated vehicle demonstrates its capabilities to easily travel in all directions on the ferrous surface. Inuktun's miniature crawler system is used for a variety of inspection applications, featuring Inuktun's Spectrum 45 pan and tilt camera (

Enter toxic environments, confined spaces, or underwater; search for and assess foreign objects; integrate remote tooling; inspect caissons, reactor vessels, welds and corrosion. The options for the Versatrax 100 robotic crawler are undoubtedly endless.

For more information on the Versatrax 100 and the rest of Inuktun's robotic camera and crawler fleet used for a variety of remote inspection applications, visit and ...see it for yourself!

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