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Vib@work Hand-arm Human Vibration Meter Video

Our innovative measurement system allows vibration measurements to be carried out on vibrating tools using autonomous sensors that dont need to be connected during the measurement process.

The data stored by the sensor(s) can be downloaded at the end of the working period by means of a docking station connected to a PC.

The software provided enables the automatic computation and display of standard exposure values as well as a comparison with the values defined in the Vibration Directive.

In order to cover the full range of existing handheld tools, two sensors can be used: one for standard vibrating tools and another intended for highly percussive tools that exhibit high shock levels. (Up to 50 .000 m/s2).

This measuring system, which can be attached to any kind of tool, is currently the only one of its kind capable of taking accurate vibration measurements without disrupting workers tasks with annoying and fragile wires. A special version of the sensor is specifically designed for measurements on highly percussive tools.


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