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VIP-WECO Configuration 2 Installation Video

VIP-WECO internal pipe seals have been used worldwide for trenchless rehabilitation of pipes and sewers for industrial water, drinking water, waste water, fuel and gas and have a typical life expectancy of 50+ years. During the installation process, rubber sleeves made of EPDM or NBR compounds are applied over the damaged area of the inner wall of the pipe. The rubber sleeve is then held in place by stainless steel retaining bands allowing up to 20 bar of internal or up to 2.0 bar of external pressure. VIP-WECO seals can also be used for end liner sealing and are available in diameters from DN185 to DN3500mm. This video shows the installation process for a configuration 2 VIP-WECO seal which is suitable for internal pressures up to 20 bar and external pressure up to 0.8 bar. For more information visit

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