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Vulcan Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit Video

Vulcan Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit - one ton per hour indirect thermal desorption unit. 24' diameter x 20.5' overall length rotary kiln with an energy input of approximately 2.4 MMBtu/hr. Heat provided by either fossil fuel burners or electric heating elements. Designed to remediate soils and drill cuttings contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. Consists of the following components: Feed System – hopper, live bottom feeder, transfer auger, airlock and feed auger Primary Treatment Unit – Stainless Steel rotary drum, 24' diameter x 20.5' long heat zone (Inconel 600 for high temperature applications) Solids Discharge System – incline screw conveyor and dump valve Quench Scrubber – typically 3' diameter x 5.5' height, direct contact condensing tower with a vane mist eliminator, two (2) easily serviceable atomizing spray bars and circulation tank Knock-Out Pot – vertically oriented vapor-liquid separator and condensing unit. A helical tube inside the tank forms the heat exchanger in the tower, which reduces shell-side fouling and improves two-phase flow Oil/Water Separator – 40 GPM maximum influent flow rate will remove 20 micron and larger oil droplets, producing an effluent quality of 10 PPM Secondary Treatment Unit – flameless electric thermal oxidizer offers the benefit of high temperature thermal desorption combined with the convenience and reliability of electric operation Water-Cooled Scroll Liquid Chiller – typically 50 nominal tons of cooling provided by dual scroll compressor circuits and fiberglass cooling tower Double Pipe Heat Exchanger – custom-built double pipe heat exchanger offers increased surface area through the use of staggered rack construction Induced Draft Fan – variable speed exhaust fan by Republic Blower Services with a 10 hp electric motor Thermal Oxidizer – minimum 2 seconds residence time at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to oxidize all non-condensables

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