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Vulcan® Systems Thermal Desorption Units

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Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC, boasts expertise in recycling equipment restoration and manufacturing, specializing in environmental and thermal desorption equipment.

As oil and gas drilling operations expand, the cleanup of drilling wastes, such as drill cuttings, becomes a growing industry issue. Similarly, the new EPA regulations on mercury emissions have had a serious effect on the power and cement industries.

Fortunately, drilling muds, drill cutting and mercury can be remediated and some of the products can be recovered for beneficial reuse with the help of Vulcan Thermal Desorption Systems.

From the removal of mercury for the power and cement industries, to frac sand drying to remediation of sludge and drilling wastes, Vulcan Systems has been a leader in innovation and product design, providing cost-effective solutions for a variety of industries.

Clients from 83 nations have found the answer to their demands for soil remediation in Vulcan Systems and it’s parent company, Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC.

Vulcan’s custom built rotary dryers and desorption systems make operating systems more cost effective and efficient, providing an economical solution to almost any drying project.

The in-house engineering staff provides the capability to re-engineer and recondition any type of dryer to meet EPA standards.

Offering a full range of systems to dry, sort separate and move frac sand, clients are able to make their operations more cost-effective and efficient.

Vulcan indirect and direct fired systems are capable of processing ten tons to 40 tons of material per hour.

Worldwide’s Vulcan Systems are custom-designed and manufactured for drying, calcining, incinerating, and thermal desorption processes.

Worldwide has been a global leader in innovation and product design, providing cost-effective solutions for the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the oil and gas industries, Vulcan Systems have been custom designed for the cement and power industries, as well as for mercury remediation.

For mobile friendly and versatile applications, the Vulcan compact portable units are trailer mounted systems, ideal for reducing disposal well and sludge handling costs for the fracturing industry.

From incinerating medical waste, to mining products, to brownfield remediation, Vulcan Systems can provide an economical solution to almost any drying project. Call: 660-263-7575 or visit:

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