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Wastewater Recycling-Video How to Purify Water is the basis of all of our water systems ... and processing wastewater is no exception.

Sometimes there is 'too much' of one or more contaminants which could clog filters too quickly; fill the absorption process too quickly; or not allow the UV process to work correctly. In those special instances, we need to modify our basic systems or insert an additional process.

Well... wastewater is one of those 'too much' scenarios... if you follow what we mean.

Through sludge generating wastewater systems ... or the lack of any wastewater system... we have contaminated many of our reservoirs and other sources of water, that we have created an extreme shortage of potable water.

I have travelled on most continents. I have seen villages emptying their waste water pipes into rivers... where women stand in the water washing their clothes... where animals stand next to them in the water... and 20 yards downstream young children drink from that water.

I have seen a city where eleven wastewater pipes empty into the adjacent lake where people swim and drink.

I have seen a picturesque harbor where three towns empty their wastewater into a bay and the State wants to condemn the use of the bay.

All over the world millions of homes and businesses have septic systems for their wastewater disposal... and we have seen septic fields over-flowing, contaminating everything in their path as well as our aquifers, rivers and other sources of water.

Even the most sophisticated, modern cities create enormous sludge fields that contain heavy metals and other hazardous material. They either dump the sludge somewhere... to seep into the ground and the aquifers... or they say they sell the sludge for fertilizer... or they say they burn the sludge... all three processes than can contaminate the world we live in. Then, they make the effluent look somewhat clean... still with suspended solids and high e-coli... soak it with chlorine (and we know what chlorine in dirty water creates)... and pump it in their rivers and streams where the next five towns pull that effluent for their drinking water.

Now add droughts and other problems to our shortages of quality, useable water and we have a serious, serious problem. Everywhere lately, we hear the cry: RECYCLE... RECYCLE ... RECYCLE.

Now what do we.really need to do?

First we need to ELIMINATE the SLUDGE... and then we need to RECYCLE the wastewater-effluent back to POTABLE water.



Whether you have an encampment, a village, a town or a city... Global's (PATENT PENDING) modular, mobile and deployable, proprietary wastewater systems provide: NO SLUDGE, MINIMUM MAINTENANCE ...AND EFFLUENT THAT IS POTABLE!

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