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Watch the video about the Hydroforce Pump

The HydroForce™ Series 3 Pump is a submersible clean water pump designed for rainwater tanks - electronically controlled, pressure sensitive, centrifugal roto-dynamic with no reciprocating parts.

The pump features a built-in non-return valve and double dry-run protection. For location underwater in a tank or surface mounted this is a British engineered and manufacturep innovation. HydroForce™ Rainwater Harvesting Pump has been engineered by HydroForce Pumps Ltd in Peterborough, England to respond to the demand for the highest quality pump for use under water in rainwater harvesting tanks. Using the most rugged components it has been exhaustively tested for trouble-free running.

This powerful pump features a self-controlling pressure switch, dry run protection and a non-return valve. It is suitable for total immersion in tank water or it can be externally connected to the tank above ground. Learn more about the latest pump from HydroForce Pumps Ltd.

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