Water in Oil - Water in Fuel - Sensors EESIFLO - Video

EESIFLO.COM design and manufacture their own range of unique water in oil/water in fuel sensors for the following applications:
1. Lubrication Oil
2. Fuel including gasoline and Diesel
3. PPM and percent moisture in oil
4. PPM and percentage moisture in fuel
5. BS&W Analyzers
6. Cross check analytical devices for crude oil sampling systems
7. Water in Diesel Line Detection
8. Water in Crude Oil Monitoring
9. Gas Condensate (Liquid) moisture contamination measurement
10. Ship Engine and Bearing Oil Sensors
11. Oil Separator
12. BS&W
13. Crude Oil Metering Stations
14. Crude Oil Sampling Systems
15. ABS Heat Exchanger
16. Marine Shipping regulations

The measurement range of the devices can be set to low ppm/percent and also to measure free water. It is ideal for testing small and large oil separators. The EASZ-1 water sensor has the ability to measure moisture/water in oil/fuel at all ranges and includes the measurement of trace moisture, dissolved water and free water. The design can be used in general industry and oil and gas hazardous area applications i.e. ATEX Zone 0, USA class 1 Div 1. GOST and IECEx as well as general marine and shipbuilding locations.

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