WaterFX- Aqua4 Video


WaterFX allows businesses to regain control over reliable access to abundant freshwater. We develop tools to ensure the consistent delivery of water for agribusinesses and other commercial water users.

By treating and reclaiming water that is otherwise unusable for irrigation or discharge, Aqua4 offers a consistent, cost-effective and abundant source of freshwater, while transforming water management from a cost to a source of revenue. Aqua4 is a Concentrated Solar Still that uses solar thermal energy to evaporate and distill water at 30 times the efficiency of natural evaporation. A single Aqua4 module generates 65,000 gallons of freshwater per day - 70 acre-feet per year - from wastewater, drainage water, runoff, saline groundwater and industrial process water. The remaining brine is concentrated into solid byproducts for resale.

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