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Waterloo Emitter System Setup and Oxygen Flow - Video

A single oxygen cylinder can be used to supply multiple Waterloo Emitters connected in series. An oxygen regulator is required for the supply tank to reduce flow pressure to a maximum of 20 psi for silicone tubing Emitters, or 100 psi for LDPE tubing Emitters. A 2 or 3 stage reducer regulator and gauge allows accurate, constant low pressure to be set for the system. Tubing manifolds can be used to help connect the Emitters in series. Supply and vent tubing is connected to each Emitter. Oxygen gas flows through the tubing to each Emitter, slowly and continuously. A needle valve is installed in the vent line. This allows groundwater gases that have back-diffused into the system to be purged as the system is replenished with oxygen. Refer to the Waterloo Emitter installation instructions for details on recommended pressure settings, the type of tubing to use, and other helpful hints.

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