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What is Bioremediation and How can it be used in Parts Washers? Video What does bioremediation have to do with parts washers? How does a bioremediation cleaner work? These auto mechanics have absolutely no idea! Let us explain: You take a water-based solution called OzzyJuice, add grease and oil eating microbes called Ozzys, and through the process of bioremediation your parts are washed in a green way with the bioremediation parts washer called the SmartWasher! We asked people on the street what 'Bioremediation' or 'Bioremediation Parts Cleaners' meant to them and no one had any idea. Bioremediation is the use of biological organisms such as microbes or plants that aid in the breakdown of hazardous substances and pollutants such as oil and grease. In the demonstration, ChemFree's Ozzy microbes, used in the bioremediation parts cleaners, breakdown or 'eat' these contaminants and create a harmless by-product of carbon dioxide and water. You have no liquid hazardous waste to haul away. You don't have to understand bioremediation to see the powerful effects of the OzzyJuice degreasers and how they work with the microbes in the bioremediation parts cleaners, the SmartWashers! Washing parts is made simple and green with the SmartWasher. Go to to learn more!

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