WRS-USA LLC....Install A New Septic System Video

. Installation
The advantages of an SBR small sewage treatment plant from REWATEC compared to a common concrete system can be seen clearly even during installation. The overall costs for both models are almost the same. The striking difference, however, is that the installation time is only half as long for a REWATEC plant. Ultimately, that means you get more plant for your money and you wont have any future costs in the long term for sealing or restoration. For this reason, our Monolith is the most-sold PE settling tank in Europe.
Thanks to its unique, compact rectangular shape and low weight, you save on excavation and installation costs. No heavy-duty machinery is usually needed, thereby protecting the property and the clients nerves! If you can do some of the earthwork yourself, so much the better after all, it will save you money. No concrete is required for installation. Gravel and your own soil are enough. Even driving a truck with a maximum axle load of 8 tons over them and installation with high groundwater levels are no problem for SBR small sewage treatment plants from REWATEC. Naturally, our tanks have all the important approvals as well as many additional features.

You can get more information on approvals, requirements and partner companies directly from REWATEC or in the Incidentals chapter.


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