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With a rainwater system that supplies your home as well, you can achieve optimum savings and will not use valuable drinking water for flushing the toilet or for the washing machine. Instead you can use the rainwater collected throughout the year. In addition, rainwater contains less calcium and is therefore softer. Washing machines and toilet valves wont calcify, you will use less detergent and your plants will thrive much more with rainwater.

All tank systems from REWATEC are also suitable for home systems. Depending on your needs and requirements, you will use either the F-Line, BlueLine or Monolith range.

WRS-USA offers you two supply systems: the McRain Plus rainwater control unit or the Diver submersible pressure pump.

The McRain Plus rainwater control unit combines 3 components in one device the house water unit, system controller and internal drinking water top-up.
Simple, uncomplicated and economical!

And your special benefit a drinking water filter that protects the valve against dirt particles such as calcium and is included in the price. In addition, the McRain Plus has a freshwater supply line that is as quiet as a whisper due to its construction. The entire system can be converted manually, at any time and without any problems to pure drinking water operation. And with its chic, red plastic covers, the McRain is an attractive addition to any utility room.
McRain is the only system with a detached fresh water connection that prevents incorrect assembly and hence the uncontrolled feed-in of drinking water.

If large distances have to be bridged between the tank and the building, then the Diver submersible pressure pump provides an efficient solution.

For rainwater utilization systems for domestic plumbing, for example for use with the toilet and washing machine, the right filter is key to efficiency and maintenance. The McClean fine filter from REWATEC eliminates debris before it reaches the tank, is childs play to remove and is easy to clean. It guarantees a high water yield, prevents blockages, and your tank only has to be cleaned every 10 to 15 years. And, moreover, the fine filter supply and the overflow siphon are already pre-installed and ready to connect.

You can find out which tank size and system is right for you in the table in the 'Incidentals' chapter.

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