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WSAC for Wastewater Applications - Video

Niagara Blower Wet Surface Air Coolers (WSAC) can use poor quality water for cooling. This allows some plant operators to evaporate and significantly reduce wastewater that is needed for treatment.
The wide range of fluid streams cooled by WSACs in the wastewater industry include various liquids prior to biological treatment.

Most plants are required to treat their wastewater before discharge back to sewers or municipalities. The WSAC is a preferred technology for wastewater cooling due to the ability to maintain the critical outlet temperatures required for biological treatment tanks, commonly referred to as 'bug ponds'. The low risk of fouling due to tubeside velocity design and mechanical cleanability make the WSAC ideal for wastewater applications. Makeup for the WSAC can come from almost any source.
Because of our Niagara WSAC, our wastewater plant was able to achieve the critical outlet temperature required during the hottest summer on record!

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