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WSAC How It Works - Video

The Niagara Wet Surface Air Cooler, or WSAC, is a heat removal device used to efficiently and reliably cool or condense various liquids or gases.
One way of describing how a WSAC works is to compare it to a typical shell & tube heat exchanger. A shell & tube is a sensible cooling device where the process stream being cooled is on one side of the tubes and the cooling water, normally from a cooling tower, is on the other side.

If you remove the shell, expose the bare tubes, spray water and induce air over the tube surfaces, you now have an evaporative heat transfer device known as a Wet Surface Air Cooler.

Here is a typical Wet Surface Air Cooler system. The process stream to be cooled or condensed flows inside specially designed tube bundles. Water is sprayed over the outside of the tubes and air is induced over the bundles in a co-current direction using fans.

The cooling effect takes place at the tube exterior surfaces through latent, or evaporative, heat transfer. The saturated air and water mixture then makes two ninety degree turns, slows down, releasing any large water droplets back into the basin.

The warm saturated air is finally discharged up at high velocity through the fan stacks.

Niagara Wet Surface Air Coolers are designed with a co-current downward flow of air and water over the tube bundles.

Co-current flow ensures that the spray water forms a uniform film around the exterior tube surface. This differs from counter-current flow systems, where air comes from the opposite direction and can dry out the underside of the tubes causing corrosion and fouling.

The Wet Surface Air Cooler does not use plastic fill or packing which can trap dirt and debris. Large particles such as sand, dust, dirt and leaves are allowed to wash through the tube bundle and are filtered out in the basin.

This prevents particle build up on the prime heat transfer surface. Minimal maintenance is required to keep the tubes surface clean. The Wet Surface Air Cooler is a rugged industrial strength unit built to last the test of time.

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