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WSAC-Oil and Gas Applications - Video

Niagara serves the oil, gas, refinery & petrochemical industries by engineering Wet Surface Air Coolers for exploration, processing, refining and transportation.
Niagara serves these industries with WSACs for hydrocarbon condensing and cooling various liquids.
Wet Surfaces Air Coolers can also desuperheat, condense, and subcool hydrocarbons for refrigeration systems at LNG and gas processing facilities.
Niagara has helped ensure the safety of my plant. The closed-loop technology reduces the risk of leaks in our facility. This is better for the plant and the environment.
The Wet Surface Air cooler is a closed-loop process cooler. The fluid inside the tubes is never exposed to the atmosphere. The WSAC also ensures the lowest process outlet or condensing temperature because of its single approach to the ambient wet bulb. Niagara's ability to design tube bundles above 2,500 psig is beneficial to this industry.
The WSAC was able to provide a lower outlet condensing temperature than any other technology. We were able to reduce compressor and pump horsepower and operating costs!

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