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Yukon Pad Plus Mat

Eco Flex is an industry leader in the recycling of Canadian passenger car tires and the manufacturing of high value, end use, recycled rubber products.

We transforms a century-old environmental problem into a collection of innovative solutions for industrial, municipal, commercial, agricultural and residential applications.

Advantages & Benefits: Environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Easy handling. Extremely durable and long lasting. Safer. Mat Flexibility. High Insulating Value. Resilient to absorbing liquids. Easy maintenance. Shock Absorption. Traction Control. Rubber won’t bond to ice. Less damage to equipment and vehicles.

Applications: Rig mats, Road mats, Access roads, Leases, Pipeline crossings, Creek crossings, Staging areas, Camps, Tank farms, Under drilling/completion rigs, Environmentally sensitive applications, Sensitive land owners, Pipeline construction, Muskeg, Remote helicopter pads, Emergency egress, Accessing spills for environmental cleanup, Transmission line construction, Wind farm construction, Bridge decks, Blasting mats & More.

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