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    We have wholesale plastic bottles for sale! Medicinal plastic bottles are blow-molded plastic bottles used to package medicines, liquid medicines, solvents, chemical reagents in plastic containers. Pharmaceutical plastic bottles are generally made of PE, PP, PET and other materials. They are not easy to break, have good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygienic, and meet the special ...


  • Successful launch of STCs latest turnkey plant

    Successful launch of STCs latest turnkey plant

    STC's important project commissioned by the Nigerian company Green Recycling Industries Ltd. based in Agbara, Ogun State, has almost come to an end. The well-known Italian engineering and contracting company has implemented the design, construction ...

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  • Sulfuric Acid Recovery

    Sulfuric Acid Recovery

    Recycles inactive pickle liquor Reduces pickling times Recovers acid & water for reuse Produces ferrous sulfate heptahydrate for potential sale