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  • Acid Neutralizing Spill Kit
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    Acid Neutralizing Spill Kit

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    All absorbents in this specially designed kit both neutralize and soak up acidic spills; cleanups are more complete and safer. Use socks to confine spill before it can spread; use pads, pillows, and granular neutralizer ...

  • Acid Spill Kits
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    Acid Spill Kits

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Ideally used in battery shops or any area prone to leaking caustics. Have one on hand in case of an emergency. Absorbs up to 5 gallons. Kit Contents: 1 2-lb. Shaker Neutralizers 5 Acid-absorbing Pads 2 Socks 2 Disposal ...

  • Mercury and Battery Acid Spill Kit
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    Mercury and Battery Acid Spill Kit

    By EnviroGuard Ltd.

    Mercury or Battery Acid Spill Kits. This highly-effective Spill Kit provides outstanding mercury vapor control. Includes vapor suppressors, a mercury aspirator, PPE and mercury disposal containers. Kit requires no ...

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