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air separation (Air Separation) equipment

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    ZONEL FILTECH - Air-Solid Separation - Dust Filter Bags

    Dust Filter Bags / filter sleeves is the key part of the bag style dust collectors (bag filter houses), which widely used in many industrial occasions for air pollution control, such as cement plants, thermal power plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, metallurgy plants, fertilizer plants and chemical plants, etc. The dust filter ...

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    BHS Nihot - Model SDS - Single Drum Separator

    The Nihot Drum Separator consists of a recirculation fan, a separation section with a rotating drum and a connecting expansion chamber. It’s the best separating solution based on density of the material at capacities up to 100 tph of input and up to 25 tph of separated light fraction.

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Nihot Air Technologies Product line

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    BHS Nihot - Model i-Series - Single Drum Separator

    The fully-redesigned Nihot SDS i-Series is a semi-mobile, Plugand-Play air separator using industry-leading negative pressure technology to sort a wide range of material by density. The new SDS i-Series improves on its highly-successful predecessor with increased performance and adjustability, a compact footprint and robust components. The ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Nihot Air Technologies Product line

  • SeedTech - Model STS-MACS 104 - Air Separators

    We offer two different types of air separators. Our wall and cabinet mounted separators utilize a pressurized vacuum method of separation. Our multiple air chamber systems use stratified columns of pressurized air to separate products. Both systems offer outstanding results and have been proven to be highly effective in upgrading seed lot quality. ...

    By SeedTech Systems, LLC based in Wilton, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    BHS Nihot - Drum Separator (SDS) Glass Clean Up

    The Nihot Drum Separator (SDS) Glass Clean Up is a semi-mobile air separator in a plug & play version with integrated dust filter, electrical cabinet and fitted with retractable outriggers. High capacity with precise separation, this unit removes more than 99% of light material, such as shredded paper, from glass and other heavies. Removes ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) based in Eugene, OREGON (USA). from Nihot Air Technologies Product line

  • Zig-Zag - Air Separator

    Zig-Zag Air Separator sorts light material from heavy material. It is an ideal de-duster and separator for shredded or granulated recycled material, like: plastics, rubber, WEEE material, RDF, wood, paper, C&D waste and etc. As well as for food industry, for separation of grain, dried fruits and vegetables. The air flow, required for ...

    By Sortech S.r.l.s. based in Genzano di Roma (RM), ITALY.

  • Promeco - Model PAS 2000 - Air Separator

    The air/ballistic separator PROMECO 'PAS' is renowned for its high efficiency in sorting light materials from the heavy ones.Specifically designed to address the issues related to the sorting of municipal and similar solid waste, commingled plastic waste, or waste from selective collection, the ballistic air separator  PROMECO 'PAS' is ...

    By Promeco SpA based in Fino Mornasco (CO), ITALY. from Machines Product line

  • Walair - Air Separator

    The Walair Air separator is suitable to split or separate a waste stream in a recycling installation in a heavy and a light fraction stream. For more info contact Walter Nihot

    By Walair B.V. based in Zandvoort, NETHERLANDS.

  • Air Separators

    Designed for removing air from water. Used in heating systems at the highest temperature point (downstream of the boiler or heat exchanger). Air separators reduce system corrosion, extend pump life by reducing cavitation, flow noise and system noise.

    By PPU Termen SA based in Wrocław, POLAND. from Other Products Product line

  • Air Separator

    Air separators are used in a wide variety of working areas. These include, among others, alternative fuel production, waste processing, the timber industry etc.

    By Vecoplan AG based in Bad Marienberg, GERMANY.

  • Air Separation

    Adsorbents for air separation and industrial gas production: improving standards. High purity industrial gases such as O2, N2, H2 and CO are produced in a variety of ways. UOP’s adsorbents help improve the economics of these processes due to their high adsorption capacity and selectivity.

    By UOP LLC - a Honeywell Company based in Des Plaines, ILLINOIS (USA). from Adsorbents Product line

  • DISCAL - Model 251 - Air Separator

    For solar heating systems. Brass body.  Chrome plated. Working temp range:  -20° - 320°F. Max working pressure:  150 psi. Max discharge pressure:  150 psi.

    By Caleffi S.p.a. based in Fontaneto d`Agogna (NO), ITALY. from Renewable Energies-Solar- Air Separators Product line

  • Zanin - Model SA - Air separator

    The air separator allows the separation of the desired product from the by-product and / or impurities depending on the different specific weights.

    By Zanin F.lli s.r.l. based in Casale Sul Sile (TV), ITALY. from Grain/seed cleaning Product line

  • RESOL - Model LT20 - Air Separator

    A solar thermal system has to be vented regularly in order to function efficiently. The RESOL LT20 air separator, installed in the solar flow line, permanently separates the air from the heat transfer fluid. With the air vent valve and the hose included, the collected air can be discharged manually.

    By Resol GmbH based in Hattingen, GERMANY. from Pump Stations & Accessories Product line

  • Air Separator

    The air separator, or aeraulic separator, allows to separate dimensionally a waste stream in an efficient way, whether they are dry recycled fractions, plastics, paper/cardboard or other types of waste. The separation is done by a controlled air flow, which allows to split the waste according to the density and form factor in the light ...

    By Parini s.r.l. based in Albinea (RE), ITALY. from Components Product line

  • Air Separator

    After the reception you can pre-clean the beans before the product goes to the de-stoner. This machine is custom made to fit into the line with the correct capacity. The air separator works as follows: The product is conveyed onto the infeed pan where it is evenly distributed through the oscillation of the shaker. It is then fed into the Air ...

    By Sweere Food Processing B.V. based in Oudenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Food Processing Equipment - Green Beans Product line

  • Rotary Air Separator (RAS)

    The Nihot Rotary Air Separator (RAS) separates waste materials (fractions) from the conveying airflow by passing it over a perforated screen. A few advantages of the Nihot Rotary Air Separator: It has a stainless steel separator screen to prevent dust to become electro static, i.e. self cleaning. Fully sealed, dust free operation. 3 large hatches ...

    By Nihot Recycling Technology B.V. based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Rotary Air Separators Product line

  • JOEST - Model AirVibe 2 - Vibrating Air Separator

    The JOEST AirVibe 2 – Vibratory Air Separator provides a coarse separation of inhomogeneous, mostly dry recycling material with a maximum particle size of 300 mm (12 inches). The material mix is separated by different densities, shapes and surface characteristics into the desired product groups. The unique combination of multistage ballistic ...

    By JÖST GmbH Co. KG based in Dülmen, GERMANY. from Separator Product line

  • DENSE-OUT® - Vibratory AIR Separator

    The DENSE-OUT® is a cost effective solution for bulk processing of a wide range of materials fully capable of removing 'heavies' such as rocks, bricks, metals, glass, asphalt, ice lumps, nuts & bolts from less dense materials. The ideal combination of form and function. ACTION's versatile, multi-stage, density separator integrates the advantages ...

    By Action Equipment Company, Inc. (ACTION) based in Newberg, OREGON (USA).

  • Walair - Drum Air Separator

    Walair started to build this Drum airseparator to have less cleaning effort and better separation result as compared to The walair Airseparator.

    By Walair B.V. based in Zandvoort, NETHERLANDS.

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