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Waste & Recycling Applications

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    Thermal oxidation for the glass industry

    By Process Combustion Ltd based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces solutions for ceramics / glass industry

    Technical ceramics covers a wide range of advanced ceramic materials developed for their excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. They are often highly resistant to melting, bending, stretching, corrosion and wear. The use of advanced ceramics in aerospace, automobile, defence and energy markets is becoming increasingly widespread. Carbolite Gero furnaces are widely used in both research and production for the debinding and sintering of technical ceramics. For the debinding process (of green parts) ...

    By Carbolite Gero Ltd - part of Verder Scientific based in Hope, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Continuous emissions monitoring for glass manufacturing industries

    Process control and emissions monitoring in a glass manufacturing plant is a challenge due to high temperature in the flue gas. The OPSIS DOAS system provides the glass industry with an accurate analyser that will operate with a minimum of maintenance. The OPSIS DOAS system is based on a non-contact method that uses an optical path to measure across the duct. A single OPSIS system will measure all relevant gas componensts such as NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, H2O, O2, and ...

    By Opsis AB based in Furulund, SWEDEN.

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    Monitors and analysers for Glass industry

    Precision temperature measurements are critical to the glass-making process. We supply a range of advanced solutions designed specifically for the glass industry, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. Glass is used for a variety of purposes, and can be shaped, toughened, coloured, laminated or treated to suit specific requirements. Our measurement systems provide accurate temperature monitoring to support these applications. As the world leader in temperature measurement, AMETEK Land has ...

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Combustion gas analysis for the glass industry

    Flue-gas analyzers are designed to be rugged and accurate at the same time. They are used by the HVAC industry, energy industry, process control, glass industry, food industry, universities and analysis is required. ...

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Measurement solution for glass wool insulation manufacture

    The installation of suitable installation material in buildings is a cost effective way to reduce energy costs. The manufacture of insulation from minerals or mineral products, such as glass. Recycling glass to form insulation materials is another way to keep the process ...

    By Protea Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Oxygen VPSA Onsite Generator for Glass and Metals

    Oxygen is used during a furnace campaign to increase throughput, at the end of a furnace campaign to extend the useful life and reduce total emissions, and for new furnaces maximize throughput return on investment (ROI). In all cases, energy use, NOx and particulate emissions are reduced. Every type of glass, from beer bottles to sophisticated computer flat glass, has seen extraordinary quality benefits with the increased use of VPSA oxygen.For fiberglass and mineral wool smelter production, all the same economic ...

    By Adsorptech based in Middlesex, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Waste recovery for glass manufacturing

    Tetronics' twin torch system has been used continuously for the commercial production of high quality silica glass for optical applications since 1992. Tetronics’ unique twin torch technology allows a plasma arc to be created in space, which enables a falling stream of high quality silica powder to be melted at the junction of the two arcs to form an ingot of high optical quality silica glass. By using plasma as a clean and controllable heat source, the product has a high degree of integrity, because the absence ...

    By Tetronics (International) Limited based in Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Applications and Air Pollutants Removed in the Ceramics and Glass Industry

    Removal of particulate, acid gases and NOx emissions from glass furnaces. Particulate control on glass and ceramic material dryers and ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc. based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Digital UV Printing on Glass

    As one of the leading digital glass printing machine suppliers in China, JSW UV Glass Digital Printing Machine Manufacturer has devoted itself in digital UV glass printing technology for years. Our glass flatbed printer for sale is inkjet printing of high technology printing device, any material can be printed on the colorful picture, it can print colored art-glass effect. Moreover, the equipment can print any picture in the material of plexiglass, laminated glass, plate glass, steel glass, and the art-glass ...

    By Kunshan Kingsway Digital Technology Co., Ltd. based in Kunshan City, CHINA.

  • Drum Dyeing and Spring Production Machines for Textile Industry

    Bush conveyor chains, forged chains, fork-sprocket chains and round steel chains are frequently used in the glass industry. Particularly in coal-fired power stations, forged chains, fork-sprocket chains and round steel chains are often used for transporting residues (such as ash). These chains are also available for high-temperature applications calling for resistance to 800°C and more. We frequently manufacture bush conveyors with special designs for transport facilities. Some goods are also transported via ...

    By EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark Gmbh based in Wetter, GERMANY.

  • Bottle Crusher for Glass

    At GGR Technologies we believe in the use and responsible waste management of glass. This is because glass is made from natural minerals and is a chemically inert product. Glass also safeguards products from moisture, oxygen and chemical contamination. Perhaps most importantly, glass is the most sustainable packaging material known to man. Safe throughout its life cycle, glass can be reused over and over, it is infinitely recyclable and is made from readily available ...

    By GGR Technologies P/L based in Osborne Park, AUSTRALIA.

  • Solutions for fiberglass manhole covers and frames

    Fiberglass Manhole Covers offer a great alternative to traditional heavy cast iron manholes; ZERO SCRAP VALUE for the would be thieves. Fully Traffic Rated Check This Out - Hand Drawn Red. Non Conductive. Non Corrosive. 30 Year + Minimum Lifespan. 1/4 Turn Lock Keeps the Vandals Out. Quality Stainless Steel Lock. Sewer, Wastewater, Water, Gas, Electric, Telco. Perfect for AMR, Radio Read, SCADA, Telemetry and Data ...

    By Aqua Technology Group based in West Chester, OHIO (USA).

  • Environmental monitoring solution for glass manufacturing areas

    Heavy metals, particulates, SO2 & NOx are the main emissions from the glass manufacturing industry and their measurement requires careful selection of instrumentation. Ecotech offers a complete monitoring solution tailored to this ...

    By Ecotech - ACOEM Group based in Knoxfield, AUSTRALIA.

  • Personal Exposure During Industrial Process for Glass Breaking

    Various industrial processes create exposure to Ultra fine particles. In case of engineered nanomaterials this is explicit. However, some processes create high exposure rates without EMN being involved. In this study, carried out by ArboNet (Dutch EHS organisation) in cooperation with software partner PIMEX the production of LCD screens with coatings based on nano-size particles was investigated. NanoTracers were used for personal mobile measurement as well as background sensing. Reference sensor was a SMPS. It ...

    By Oxility BV based in Best, NETHERLANDS.

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