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Model CW 2200 - Waste Bale Wrapper

by Preferred Recycling Equipment Inc     based in Grimsby, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Cross Wrap wrapping equipment is suited to the individual customer’s needs, for both small and large material quantities. Cross Wrap wrapping machines are compatible with all industrial square bale balers. Due to the modular construction, the Cross Wrap wrapping line can wrap different bale sizes and quantities.

Model 2100 S - Bale Wrapper

by MASCAR Spa     based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, ITALY

Trailed or trailed/carried version with central loading arm for rear loading. Light and handy, it is suitable for all bale types with diameter from 120 to 160 cm. Loading and unloading by hydraulically controlled fork from the tractor. Possibility of wrapping also during the transport of the bale on the field edge. Standard version is with ...

Model VEWI 110 - Bale Wrappers

by Inagra BVBA     based in Pittem, BELGIUM

The vewi 110 is a robust wrapper (2100kg) who takes the bales on the field on an elevator and wraps them automatically. 

Model 1800 S - Bale Wrapper

by MASCAR Spa     based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, ITALY

3 point hitch version suitable for static use. It is recommended for utilization direclty in the storage places. Bale loading with extra implement. Hydraulically controlled bale unloading.

Model 1600 - Bale Wrapper

by MASCAR Spa     based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, ITALY

3 point hitch version for front and rear linkage. Handy and safe, it works at few cm from the ground. Particular suitable for restricted spaces.Good results also in steep slope grounds. It could wrap bales of the diameter from 120 to 160 cm and up to 1200 kg weight.

Model 1200 - Bale Wrapper

by MASCAR Spa     based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, ITALY

The bale wrapper mod. 1200 has a double driving stretching rolls allowing to wrap also bales not perfectly round. Particularly handy, suitable for narrow and hardly reachable places. Excellent results also in hilly areas. It wraps bales of diameter from 100 to 150 cm and with weight up to 1000 Kg. Thanks to the two lower rolls swinging in ...

Model FW 15 - Bale Wrappers

by Tonutti Wolagr S.p.A     based in Remanzacco (Udine), ITALY

3 point hitch wrapper - wrapping platform consisting of 2 powered rollers, one finned and one smooth that rapidly load and unload the bale - film stretcher 500 or 750 mm. - two models available: with hydraulic and/or electronic control of the wrapping operations - rotation speed of rollers is adjusted hydraulically - the ...

Cube-Line - Bale Wrapper

by Stinger Inc.     based in Haven, KANSAS (USA)

The huge 112' x 104' wrap chamber and remote controls from the loader allow you to wrap more than 100 tons per hour. the Cube-Line Bale Wrapper will handle bales up to 8-feet long - 4x4 bales stacked 2-high or 3x3 & 3x4 bales stacked 3-high - and it will also wrap round bales. You can use 2 or 4 rolls of plastic to continually wrap bales as ...

Rotowrap - Bale Wrappers

by CK Autotie Balers     based in Co Tyrone, NORTHERN IRELAND

CK Autotie Balers can work with a number of suppliers to provide bale wrapping solutions for RDF, SRF or bales of shredded material coming off the twin ram balers.

Rekord - Bale Wrappers

by Rekord Sales (GB) Ltd     based in Atherstone, UNITED KINGDOM

Rekord can supply machines suited to most applications of bale wrapping.  At the smallest extreme we have the Caeb Mini Wrapper AV550 ATP for wrapping mini round or square bales wrapped mainly for the equine industry and Public Authorities, the Wolagri range progress upwards from their mini round and square

Model RB400 - Single Bale Wrapper

by Groupe Anderson Inc.     based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Compact model. Simple to operate. Low ground clearance for smooth bale unloading

Model 1020 , 1021, 1022 - Round Bale Wrappers

by Agronic Oy     based in Haapavesi, FINLAND

The AGRONIC 1022 with its twin arm 750mm pre-stretch units is designed with contractors and larger farming units in mind. The 1020 with the single 750mm pre-stretch unit and cable controls along with the 1021 with automatic controls are designed for small to medium size farming units.

Model RB500 - Single Bale Wrapper

by Groupe Anderson Inc.     based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Compact model. Easy to use. Low ground clearance for a smooth unloading

Model NWS660 - Inline Bale Wrappers

by Groupe Anderson Inc.     based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Mechanical system : easy to operate, diagnose and trouble shoot. Dual powered wheels with traction tires : quick and easy to move. Hydraulic braking system : allows you to squeeze the air out of the row for high quality baleage. Hydraulic jack : easy to level wrapper when starting a row

Model RB200 - Single Bale Wrapper

by Groupe Anderson Inc.     based in Chesterville, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Durability. Anderson manufacturing quality. Turntable stability. Wrap unlimited amout of bales per year

ELHO Sideliner - Model 1520 M - Trailed Bale Wrappers

by Oy El-Ho Ab     based in PÄNNÄINEN, FINLAND

The ELHO Sideliner 1520 M is a low-priced and reliable basic bale wrapper equipped with a cable controller. A monitor, cutter and improved satellite wrapping make the 1520 M an excellent machine. ELHO has already manufactured thousands of Sideliner 1520 bale wrappers and the success story continues.

Conor - Model 9700 - Trailed Bale Wrapper

by Plant-MEC Ireland Ltd     based in Armagh, NORTHERN IRELAND

The Conor 9700 Trailed Balewrappers are the result of an evolutionary process of constant refinement and upgrading. A balewrapper can expect a punishing and demanding life so strength and simplicity of engineering is an integral part of the Conor 9700 Series. Building on this solid foundation Conor now offer a range form the manually ...

VEWI - Model 110S - Stationnary Bale Wrapper

by Inagra BVBA     based in Pittem, BELGIUM

On customer demand several machines are developed for indoor wrapping and stacking. The VEWI 110 S is a static and electric powered machine. Several inputs and outputs on the controller and hydraulics are available to make a customized production line.

Model Z577 - Self Loading Bale Wrapper

by METAL-FACH Sp. z o. o     based in Sokółka, POLAND

The self loading Z577 bale wrapper has a side loader which ensures quick and effective loading, because the collection and wrapping happens while driving to the next bale or to the stacking site. The machine is equipped with a film cutter - grabber, which limits the involvement of the user to loading a new roll of film. After wrapping the bale can ...

Model G 880 - Trailed Bale Wrapper

by Gallignani     based in Russi (RA), ITALY

The G880 is a trailed bale wrapper with side loading arm and rugged duty frame which make it particularly suited to heavy duty work cycles and working conditions. The wrapper can take a bale on the platform and another one on the loading arm to maximize the work cycle: wrapping and loading while moving to end of field.

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