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  • Beach Cleaning Machines
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    Beach Cleaning Machines

    By D. Zaintoudis Bross G.P.

    The PST/2400, the right machine for waste removal and oxygenation of beaches. A big simple structure, easy to handle. It is the result of years of study and tests which permit us to operate on beaches in any condition ...

  • Sand Cleaner Machine
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    Sand Cleaner Machine

    By P.F.G. S.r.l.

    This machine is equipped with a fix blade that collects sand and rubbles at the required depth and for a width of 120 cm. Sand and rubbles are convoyed in a sifter with a vertical movement, so that the rubbles are left ...

  • Self Propelled  Beach Cleaner
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    Self Propelled Beach Cleaner

    By P.F.G. S.r.l.

    The machine is small and self-propelled. The Beach cleaning oprates via a loading roller carrying sand and debris in a sieve, of the machine width, with traverse movement, that allows to deposit the debris in a basket ...

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    RAM EUROPE is involved in the manufacturing of beach-cleaning machines (including oil-spill clean up), and manufacturing of multi-purpose vehicles ...

  • P.F.G. S.r.l.

    P.F.G. S.r.l.

    P.F.G. rises with the aim of desegning and building machines for the beach cleaning e sand cleaning. Thanks to the considerable experience gained ...

  • Cherrington Beach Cleaners & Mobile Screeners

    Cherrington Beach Cleaners & Mobile Screeners

    Cherrington has been building beach cleaning equipment since the mid 1970s when we pioneered the first globally marketed self-propelled beach ...

  • Beachcleaners International Pty Ltd

    The world`s beaches are constantly being polluted with natural debris (seaweed, algae), waste from maritime traffic (tarballs, plastic containers) ...

  • Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc.

    Over 80 years in the turf industry, founded in 1956, Hermann Lindau & Son, Inc. is well rooted in the Metro New York turf industry. The founder, ...