Biodegradable Cleaners

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  • Cleaner Enzyme

    Cleaner Enzyme

    Enzymes in cleaner contains hydrolase such as protease, lipase and diastase, which can decompose protein, carbohydrate and lipids into the constituent having relative small formula weight like peptide segments, delspray and oligosaccharide so that the solubility and suspending power of aqueous solution are stronger, improving the cleaning effect. Enzymes in cleaner is applicable to decompose the ...


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  • Orange Crystal Powder Degreaser Concentrate (50 lb. Pail)

    Orange Crystal Powder Degreaser Concentrate (50 lb. Pail)

    FREE SHIPPING! Powdered concentrate cleans and degreases heavy greases and oils. Dilute up to 40 to 1 with water by pressure washer for cleaning any hard surface. Natural water soluble and biodegradable cleaner. May be used by hand, mop, bucket and brush or pressure washer. Excellent for tough concrete cleaning jobs, degreasing parts washing and equipment cleaning. Orange degreaser concentrate ...