Biosolids equipment for Waste and Recycling available in Lithuania

  • FLUMP - Sludge Removal System

    The FLUMP (floating lagoon pumper) solves an industrial and municipal environmental problem in a low-cost, efficient manner. The FLUMP removes settled wastes and other by-products that no longer may be scattered over the countryside, but, instead, must be contained in settling ponds or lagoons, built to prevent wastes from leaching into the ...

    By SRS Crisafulli, Inc. based in Glendive, MONTANA (USA). from Dredges Product line

  • Channel Mixing and Aeration System

    Inner connecting channels within wastewater treatment facilities are designed to route the wastewater flow from one process equipment zone to the next. These wastewater streams can contain organic materials, biosolids, and inorganic materials (silica, grit, and settleable solids). The hydraulic flowrate through these channels is typically low in ...

  • Raschig Dura-Pac - PVC Trickling Filter Media

    Cross Flow and Vertical Flow PVC Sheet Media for Trickling Filters, Submerged Fixed Bed, Tube Settlers and IFAS Processes.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Trickling Filter Media and Products Product line

  • ClearFox - Airlift Pump

    For all ClearFox – sewage treatment plants we use only airlift pumps, if technically possible (approx. up to 300 PE). Airlift-pumps work according to an efficient and siumltaneously simple system. Due to its simplicity and the absence of moved parts, airlift-pumps are as good as immune to clogging. Sewage treatment plants with ...

    By PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Bayreuth, GERMANY. from Technology Product line

  • Aerobic Thermophilic Stabilization (ATS)

    Sludge stabilization is a process in which organic substances are degraded. When the ATS technology is used, this reaction is carried out with the use of aerobic microorganisms. In this process, energy is released from sludge, causing heating up to more than 50° C. In this way such high speeds of degradation of organic substances are achieved ...

    By ASIO, spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants - Sludge Management Product line

  • BiOWiSH - Muni

    Suitable for all existing biological municipal water / wastewater treatment applications with fats, oils, and greases below 100ppm, BiOWiSHTM Muni accelerates the biological removal of nutrients, reducing organic loading, BOD5, COD, Suspended Solids, odor emissions and biosolids production.

    By BiOWiSH Technologies based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Schwing Bioset - Complete Systems for Fluid Bed Processing

    Complete systems for processing powders, granulate, pellets & crystalline solids. Environmentally Friendly: Dust-tight Construction. Closed-Loop Processing. Use of Low Value & Waste Heat Sources and Energy Recovering Techniques.

    By Schwing Bioset, Inc. based in Somerset, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Gore - Cover for Organic Waste Treatment

    GORE Cover, the fully integrated composting solution for the treatment of organic waste. Recognized as the leader for in-vessel composting worldwide, GORE® Cover is cost efficient to install and operate while providing optimized process control for producing consistent high quality compost and effectively controlling odors and emissions.

    By W. L. Gore & Associates based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from Fabrics Product line

  • FUCHS ATAD - Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD)

    FUCHS Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) does not only stabilize the sludge, it also disinfects it. The product is a valuable fertilizer meeting highest international quality standards (Class A according to regulation US EPA 503). Municipal as well as industrial sludge and manure may be treated in the ATAD. With the aerobic ...

  • Omnivore - High Solids Digestion Digesters

    Omnivore is an advanced high solids approach to digestion which incorporates Anaergia’s intelligent mixing and robust thickening systems to triple the capacity of an existing digester (typically 2 to 3%) into a high-solids Omnivore™ digester (5 to 8%).s like plastics and packaging to ensure a high quality fertilizer product.

    By Anaergia Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Wastewater Resource Recovery Product line

  • BIODISK - Portable Wastewater Treatment Plants

    To facilitate the application of our proven BIODISK wastewater treatment technology in remote applications, we have developed two unique new packages, which we call Big John and Little John. These two applications are used for the treatment of sanitary wastes from up to 333 and 166 persons respectively at construction sites and permanent ...

    By BIODISK Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Hyper-Blast Spin Washer

    Make quick work of cleaning sewer structures to prepare for interior coatings or linings. Biosolids, laitance, debris and deteriorated concrete is blasted away leaving a clean, sound substrate: 4000 psi @ 4 gpm up to 200° F. Stainless Steel. Self Rotating up to 2000 rpm. Dual Orbital (Pin-Point) Single Jet Nozzles. Tungsten Carbide Seals. No ...

    By AP/M Permaform based in Johnston, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • BIODISK - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater treatment using a BIODISK is a natural biological process based on the principle of the rotating biological contactor (RBC). It is self regulating, a complete treatment plant and can be sized to meet your needs. The treatment process has capabilities of secondary, tertiary and advanced treatment with an additional capability of ...

    By BIODISK Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Air-Beam Roller Stockpile Cover (ARSC)

    ARSC covers materials you can't walk on - if you want to cover materials that are not load-bearing (such as biosolids, sewage sludge, grain, industrial organic wastes) an Air-beam Roller Stockpile Cover is the answer - you simply roll it out across the stockpile. You can walk on the ARSC even when it would be impossible to walk on the stockpile it ...

    By Vergas Ltd. based in Ringwood, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Thermo-System - Active Solar Sludge Dryer

    Parkson’s THERMO-SYSTEM uses the sun as its main power source to generate 95% of the energy required for drying sludge.  The result is significantly reduced operating costs compared to competing technologies like conventional gas or oil fired dryers. The system’s sustainable, drying process is fully automated and is designed with ...

    By Parkson Corporation based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Biosolids Management Product line

  • Data Acquisition System for CEMS (CEMS DAS)

    CEMDAS Evolution offers the most powerful and easy-to-use Data Acquisition System (CEMS DAS)  on the market today. Its advanced design is programmed in Visual, utilizes a powerful SQL database and runs in the latest Windows operating system.  CEMDAS can also be added to any Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

    By Monitoring Solutions based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

  • Deskins - Quick-Dry Filter Bed

    The Deskins Quick-Filter Bed TM is a great solution to your facilities dewatering needs! It is a great alternative to traditional sand drying beds and odorous sand lagoons.  Deskins will play a pivotal role in backwash water recovery and generating Class A biosolids when water reuse becomes more pivotal when designing a dewatering system.

    By Deskins based in Fishers, INDIANA (USA).

  • Refuse Derived Fuel Rdf, Sewage Sludge Incineration, Biomass Energy

    refuse derived fuel RDF, sewage sludge incineration, biomass energy,RESEM|A Leading Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer,RESEM provides Pyrolysis Oil Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics, tires, into quality fuels oil, carbons ., Product Details Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand ...

  • Biorem - Engineered Media

    Biorem is the leader in developing high performance, permanent filter media products. Biosorbens®, was brought to market 10 years ago as the first permanent biofilter media in North America and with it, Biorem has achieved recognized leadership in biofilter installations.

    By Biorem Technologies Inc. based in Puslinch, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Biorem - Biofilters

    Biorem offers biological solutions for the removal of odors, H2S, VOCs and HAPs. Our systems can treat air flows from as little as 100 cfm to greater than 500,000 cfm of air and are available in many sizes, configurations, and options from our smaller integrated modular units to our larger custom designed field erected system. Biorem’s ...

    By Biorem Technologies Inc. based in Puslinch, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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