Bulk Material Handling

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  • Reliable Sorting Approaches - MSW Sorting Plant

    Must you enhance your ability to sort recyclables that happen to be getting into your MSW processing plant? Municipal solid waste is a conglomeration of many different components, most of which can be quite profitable once you know how to recycle them. If you want to get a new garbage sorting machine, that is certainly a possibi


Equipment & Solutions

  • Bale Wrapping Systems

    Bale Wrapping Systems

    Machine types in the Rotowrap series bale wrapping system differ in terms of the components they are equipped with for automated bale conveying. The wrapping unit used to wrap bales is the same for all plant types, with these being designated Rotowrap series 30, Rotowrap series 40 or Rotowrap series 50, depending on the equipment involved.

Upcoming Events

  • ChemProTech India 2020

    ChemProTech India 2020

    The 11th edition of ChemProTech India, the International Exhibition for Chemical Processing Technology, Equipment and Supplies, takes place from 19-20 August 2020 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. The Fine and Speciality Chemicals industry in India represents a $30billion market, which is growing at 10-12% annually – faster than the chemical sector as a whole. The industry not only ...