Carpet recycling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Is it time to rethink recycling?

    If our current approach to recycling isn’t the best for the economy or the environment, why do we do it?Criticize recycling and you may as well be using a fume-spewing chainsaw to chop down ancient redwoods, as far as most environmentalists are concerned. But recent research into the environmental costs and benefits and some tough-to-ignore market realities have even the most

  • Energy from old carpets case study

    A leading recycler of old carpets and textiles has recently successfully commissioned a WEIMA Spider 1500 shredder in the United Kingdom. The through-put was increased 46 per cent compared with the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Decanter Centrifuge for Efficient Plastic Recycling

    Decanter Centrifuge for Efficient Plastic Recycling

    Plastics recycling has become much more specialized. The recycling aspects are being included more and more in the conception of new products. New, improved technologies have been developed in response to current concerns about the recycling of products at the end of their lifetime. These technologies now include the recycling of post-consumer carpets.