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  • Is it time to rethink recycling?

    Is it time to rethink recycling?

    If our current approach to recycling isn’t the best for the economy or the environment, why do we do it? Criticize recycling and you may as well be using a fume-spewing chainsaw to chop down ancient redwoods, as far as most environmentalists are concerned. But recent research into the environmental costs and benefits and some tough-to-ignore market realities have even the most ardent of ...


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  • Hydraulic Drived Shredder

    Hydraulic Drived Shredder

    The hydraulic drived shredder prefect for shredding big size and hard waste like scrap metal,aluminum window,steel drums,pressed aluminum bales,steel bales,also the car section,the hydraulic system will protect the shredder when its overload,the release valve will work to release the pressre from the shredding chamber. also the system pressure can be adjusted.