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Chipping Equipment equipment for Waste and Recycling available in Uganda

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    Hilliard HILCO - Machine Tool Coolant

    The Machine Tool Coolant Recyler quickly and efficiently removes tramp oil and metal fines and other particulate matter and restores coolant to like-new condition. This portable unit cleans both water-based and synthetic machine tool coolants.

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    Saturn Grizzly - Model Super 50 - Medium Speed Grinder

    The Saturn Grizzly Super 50 (S-50) is a medium speed grinder that excels at reducing tire shreds into near steel free chips. The rotor knife arrangement contributes to the extremely efficient cutting action and high production capacity. The S-50 is designed for low capacity requirements. A multi-use knife design contributes to the S-50's low costs ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Grinders & Granulators Product line

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    HARDEN - Model TS912 - Shredders for wood

    Wood shredders and grinders, the options are endless. It’s more than just wood! It is an invaluable, sustainable resource, which can be utilized down to the last splinter. Often referred to as a wood chipper, HARDEN can create your custom wood shredding machine, specific to your application. We can a large variety of sizes and configurations ...

    By Harden Industries Ltd. based in Zhongshan, CHINA.

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    RUF - Briquetting Systems for Grinding Sludge/ Chips

    Material: Grinding chips are created by the grinding of metal components. It is a mixture of metal and corundum abrasion in combination with the cutting fluids being used. The briquetting solution by RUF makes it possible to dispose of or recycle grinding chips cost-effectively.

    By Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Zaisertshofen, GERMANY. from Briquetting Systems Product line

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    KAHL - Pan Grinder Mill

    To Prepare Quality Pellets - Wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, and other lumpy biomass are crushed in an eco-friendly way using the KAHL pan grinder mill.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Biomass Pelleting Product line

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    Sauereisen - Model No. 220 & 221 - Epoxy Joint Sealants

    Sauereisen Epoxy Joint Sealants are used to provide a durable joint filler. The materials are 100% solids, pourable epoxies designed to effectively absorb the shock and impact of heavy loads and steel-wheeled vehicles over narrow joints. Available in two formulations, No. 220 is for general purpose applications and No. 221 is a NovolaK epoxy for ...

    By Sauereisen Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Corrosion Protection - Accessory Materials Product line

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    RUF - Model SZ1+ - Wood Briquetting System for capacities between 30-60 kg/hr

    The RUF SZ1+ briquetting system presses loose wood chips into compact RUF briquettes. The high pressure ensures a constant high quality and density. As an entrylevel model of our wood presses, the SZ1+ is available in a standard design with proven RUF technology for small capacities between 30 and 60 kg per hour.

    By Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Zaisertshofen, GERMANY. from Briquetting Machines Product line

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    Axetris - Chip on To Header for Infrared Sources

    True black body radiation (2 to 14 μm). High emissivity. Fast electrical modulation (no chopper wheel needed). High modulation depth. High electrical input to optical output efficiency. Low power consumption. Long lifetime. Rugged MEMS design (passed the requirements of IEC 60721-3-7 Class 7M3, except for BaF2 and CaF2 windows).

    By Axetris Ag based in Kaegiswil, SWITZERLAND. from Infrared Sources - EMIRS 200 Product line

  • Corona - Portable Ozone Generator

    A small portable Ozone generator designed to be used in an unoccupied area, the machine produces Ozone (45mg) for 15 mins every hour, it can be used to pre treat an area with high odour making it manageable to clean, it can also be used after cleaning as a final freshen up.

    By Envirorental (Products) Ltd - Ozone Direct based in Washington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Chips

    The EIS-chip (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy chip) is an inline monitoring system on a single microfluidic chip. The EIS-chip is designed for electrical characterization and counting of droplets, cells or particles. The particles and cells are detected as they pass between the out-of-plane electrodes. These specially designed plane parallel ...

    By Micronit based in PV Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Silicon Chip Back

    Crystal growth method CZ.Article no.P.Doping Boron.Resistivityu.5-3ohm*cm;3-6ohm*cm.Oxygen contentat<l*10M/arf.Carbon contentat<5<1016/cm3.Minority carrier lifetime>10us.Potential difference density<3000/cm2.Perpendicularity of silicon chips' adjacent edges90±0.3°.Crystal ...

    By TDG Holding Co., Ltd based in CHINA.

  • MKR - Model SF 400 T - Suction and Filter Cart

    Specific Characteristics: Capacity 400 liters (optional 700 or 1000 liters), 1. Step: Filtration by Filter Fleece, 2. Step: Filtration by Three Phase Drum Separator (filtration grade > 5µm), Optional Bypass Cleaning by the Drum Centrifuge, Throughput 250 l/min, High Pressure Cleaning System (either fresh water or emulsion).

    By MKR Metzger GmbH based in Monheim, GERMANY. from Suction and Filter Cart Product line

  • MKR - Model SF 1000 - Suction and Filter Cart

    Specific Characteristics: Capacity 1000 liters, Filtration by Filter Fleece, Throughput 320 l/min, High Pressure Cleaning System, (either fresh water or emulsion), Mechanical “Tramp Oil Stopper”.

    By MKR Metzger GmbH based in Monheim, GERMANY. from Suction and Filter Cart Product line

  • Model Ø1300 - Separators

    Separators are used to remove the chips from the suction system.

    By ARP GmbH & Co.KG based in Alpirsbach-Peterzell, GERMANY. from Vacuum Components Product line

  • Cassava Chips

    Cassava (Manihot esculenta), also called yuca, mogo, manioc, mandioca, tapioca and kamoteng kahoy, a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) native to Countries in the Western Africa is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy, tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. ...

    By Flourish Greens Limited based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model 824PTO - Chipper

    The Model 824 is no ordinary 4' Chipper.  This is a very compact unit, but not a light-weight. Very well constsructed with all continuous welds and a tubular steel frame.  This unit is fully contained and requires no oil from the tractor.  The 824 easily connects to any Category 1, 3-Point Hitch tractor.  The 360 degree exhaust ...

    By Salsco, inc. based in Cheshire, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Hydraulic Feed Chippers Product line

  • NHS - Woodchippers

    A range of high specification equipment for the professional user. NHS Maskinfabrik A/S is a 100% family-owned company established in 1941. Since 1980 they have been making chippers for the professional user Continuous development has meant that they now have a complete range of chippers for every need. Production now takes place in three ...

    By M-Trac Ltd. based in Northamptonshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from NHS Products Product line

  • BIOMATICH - Model 85 - Chipper

    The conveying chain together with the feeding roller assure to this machine an high productivity and a feeding with any type of material even irregular and voluminous. The special design of the rotor /mill assures a good ejection also with wet material (like leaves, grass etc.). The special self-sharpening profile of the drop forged hammers and ...

    By Gandini Meccanica based in Guidizzolo (Mantova), ITALY. from Biomatich Line Product line

  • Tube Feeder - Screw Reclaimer for Wood Chips and Biomass

    The Tube Feeder is a unique and well-proven reclaimer that offers many advantages over traditional under-pile circular screw reclaimers. The Tube Feeder is a state of the art under-pile reclaimer incorporating patented technology and features that will guarantee efficient, long life and trouble free operation. The Tube Feeder supplied in either a ...

    By TerraSource Global based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Storage & Reclaim Product line

  • Jeffrey Rader - Belt Pile Builder for Wood Chips

    The Jeffrey Rader Belt Pile Builder was designed exclusively for handling wood chips in pulp & paper and biomass applications and to provide features not available on other bulk throwers.

    By TerraSource Global based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Storage & Reclaim Product line

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