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  • How to Get Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plants

    How to Get Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plants

    Are you looking to get a continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant available for purchase? If you have, you have come to the correct place. A pyrolysis machine can convert rubber and old tires into combustible fuels that a great many countries require today. Waste rubber and old tires are consistently situated in landfills across the world. With all the most advanced technology, we can easily sort ...


  • Moving Grate Waste to Energy Solutions

    Moving Grate Waste to Energy Solutions

    New for 2019 - a range of small scale waste to energy solutions aimed specifically at the waste management industry. Suitable for RDF and MSF waste streams.We identified the need to provide an all-inclusive W2E system allowing serious waste ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Direct Thermal Oxidation (TO) System

    Direct Thermal Oxidation (TO) System

    For safe removal of highly contaminated, i.e. halogenous, waste gas streams and liquid waste as well as wastewaters, especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry. CTP‘s MultiTherm is a combined process. It consists essentially of a thermal oxidation and one or more upstream or downstream processes fitted to the application. These could be heat recovery, wet ...