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Menart - Windrow Turners

by MENART     based in Dour, BELGIUM

MENART turners have proven themselves in all types of material and in the most extreme work conditions: green waste, household waste, polluted soils, agro-industrial residue, animal evacuation.

Menart - High-Speed Shredders

by MENART     based in Dour, BELGIUM

Ménart high-speed shredders have been developed to meet the needs of compost platforms, waste sites, urban organic waste valorisation centres, agricultural exploit sites, landscapists and other green waste professionals.

Menart - Complimentary Equipment

by MENART     based in Dour, BELGIUM

These additional mobile or fixed equipments allow to obtain products referees at the future needs of the users.

Menart - Mobile and Stationary Rotary Screens for Waste Separation

by MENART     based in Dour, BELGIUM

Ménart offers a wide range of mobile and stationary rotary screens which allow the client to find the most effective and appropriate machine for each work site.

BWA TPROBE - Temperature probe for composting process

by Banner Engineering Corp.     based in Diegem, BELGIUM

To abide local regulations, and ensure efficient and effective composting, the temperatures of the windrows must be measured and logged constantly. With accurate temperature measurements, you can determine the optimum time to turn the windrows for quicker compost production.Time consuming and error prone manual data collection is eliminated using ...

DRANCO Technology

by Organic Waste Systems     based in Ghent, BELGIUM

The DRANCO (DRy ANaerobic COmposting) process is an advanced biotechnological process for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective treatment of organics derived from municipal solid waste. With its long experience and its extended reference list, the DRANCO process is a well-known and reliable anaerobic digestion technology. The ...

Veldeman - Veldeman composting & environmental enclosures

by Veldeman Structure Solutions     based in Bree, BELGIUM

Veldeman provides clearspan (steel or aluminium) framed structures with a PVC coated polyester attached as the membrane of the building.Main advantages:- non-corrosive materials- can be completely sealed- translucent membrane thus reducing operating cost- quick in delivery- little to no foundation requirements- temporary, semi-permanent or ...

Monitoring compost cordless sensors

by LSI-LASTEM srl     Distributor in BELGIUM

Cordless sensor for monitoring oxygen and temperature inside compost heaps during the bio-oxydation process.

Model ITR 504 - Infrared Gas Analyser System

by ADOS GmbH     Distributor in BELGIUM

Continous measurement of gases, that exhibit the properties of absorbing infrared energy (e.g. carbon dioxide) Typically used for the measurement of carbon dioxide over the range of 0–5000 ppm to 0–100 Vol. %.

Dog Waste Bags and Dispensers

by BioBag International AS     Office in Houthalen, BELGIUM

BioBag’s dog waste bags are a stock article available in bulk packaging. Bag dispensers are available on request (see specification below).BioBag compostable dog waste bags do not contain any polyethylene-based ingredients. They are as natural as dog waste and decompose within 40 days in a well-functioning composting environment. By ...

Food Waste Bags

by BioBag International AS     Office in Houthalen, BELGIUM

BioBag’s food waste bags are highly breathable and compostable, and in combination with our MaxAir ventilated caddy, it makes pre-sorting of food waste easy and hygienic for households.

Food Waste Liners and Sacks

by BioBag International AS     Office in Houthalen, BELGIUM

BioBag offers easy and hygienic solutions for households and commercial kitchens, through our breathable bags, liners and sacks in a wide variety of types and sizes. BioBag offer both customized bags, liners and sacks and below you see our stock article assortment, available in bulk packaging. All our bags, liners and sacks are breathable and can ...

Kalibro - Calibrating Crusher

by Rentec NV     based in Pittem, BELGIUM

High torque industrial calibrating crusher for different products using 1 rotor and fixed anvils.  We can offer a wide range of calibrators in function of the product, the process, the capacity and output size required.  The calibration complies with the EU-regulations for the treatment of animal by-products.

Dyno - Model 5 - Slow Speed Pre-Crushers

by Rentec NV     based in Pittem, BELGIUM

Industrial slow shredder with two electromechanically driven rotors that shred the input material in 2 directions through counter knives.

Dyno - Model 3 - Slow Speed Pre-Crushers

by Rentec NV     based in Pittem, BELGIUM

Industrial slow shredder with one electromechanically driven rotor that shreds the input material in 1 direction through a counter knife.

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