Cooking Oil Recycling

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  • Oil Treatment System
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    Oil Treatment System

    By Hilliard Corporation

    Hot oil treatment system greatly reduces oil replacement and disposal costs. The OTS filtration system improves the condition of the oil with each daily treatment, consistently giving you a superior quality end product. ...

  • Oil Stain Remover
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    Oil Stain Remover

    By Chemtex, Inc.

    Oil Grabber— Oil Stain Remover ABSORBS AND LIFTS EMBEDDED OIL STAINS WITHOUT SCRUBBING! Outperforms conventional liquid degreasers. Absorbs and lifts embedded oil stains as it dries from liquid to powder. The ...

  • Cooking Oil Filter Deck
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    Cooking Oil Filter Deck

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd.

    West Coast Spill Supply"s Cooking Oil Filter Deck for restaurants with totes and storage drums of used oil/grease. Our Filter decks are made from heavy duty polyethylene construction (no rust) with removable grating. ...

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  • Erigo Used Cooking Oil Collection Services

    Erigo Used Cooking Oil Collection Services

    Qatar`s biggest collector, exporter and shipper of used cooking oil to biodiesel plants in Europe. More details please visit www.erigo.coErigo Group ...

  • MagneGas Corporation

    MagneGas Corporation

    MagneGas Corporation produces equipment of various sizes and power, known as MagneGas Refineries or Total Recyclers, converting selected liquid ...

  • Blue Oil JSC

    Waste cooking oil is produced every day. However, used cooking oil must not be disposed of with normal waste – plus: it is an important raw material ...

  • Weimar Enterprise Sdn Bhd

    Weimar Enterprise Sdn Bhd

    Since year 1998 Weimar company is in a Grease Trap Fabrication, Supply, Install and Maintenance Service for commercial building like shopping malls ...

  • Wealthy Development Corporation Limited

    We are a great Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collector in Hong Kong.We are collecting at least 4 /mt daily & supply to Biodiesel Plants & EU countries ...