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  • Security Challenges at Power Stations - Case Study

    Security Challenges at Power Stations - Case Study

    Many electrical substations are only protected by perimeter fences which are easily breached. Substations represent an attractive target for professional thieves, who steal copper from earthing cables for resale. Copper theft can result in power outages, which is costly for utilities and causes customers a great deal of inconvenience. Beyond the inconvenience and costs caused by the theft of ...

  • Copper cables separation

    Il dispositivo, non ancora presente nei mercati settoriali, provvede alla separazione dei cavi e dei fili in rame dagli altri materiali contenuti nel fluff.Per accertarne l’efficacia, una serie ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Single Shaft Shredder

    Single Shaft Shredder

    The GS and GL line of high-powered shredders meet the high standards of quality and performance through processing of municipal solid waste, plastics, wood, rubber, paper, cardboard and bulky industrial waste. These machines guarantee high productivity, performance and reliability. The screen allows for various output sizes and preparing material for subsequent processing.