Copper Wire Recyling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Automatic wire stripping machine

    Automatic wire stripping machine

    Automatic wires stripping machine is an environmentally friendly machine in recycling waste copper wire ,If you have large quantities of waste copper wires to process,the automatic wire stripping machine will bring much more profit for you! Automatic wire stripping machine working process 1. Starting Please make sure all the machines and electrical equipments are in good condition. Then ...

  • Copper Alloy and Their Application

    Copper Alloy and Their Application

    Copper is easily alloyed with other metals. It is generally divided into red copper, bronze, brass and cupronickel. Red Copper Pure copper is in red color, but not all red copper is pure copper, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Two Shaft Shredder

    Two Shaft Shredder

    The ST-1200 shredder is specifically designed for high shock load and severe duty applications such as OTR tires, magnesium ingots and castings, high volume municipal & industrial waste, oversized bulky waste, copper and steel wire and cable, baled aluminum scrap and other applications.