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  • What materials can be incinerated?

    What materials can be incinerated?

    What Is Incineration?Incineration is the process of burning waste material at a high temperature as a way of disposal. This process is also known as ‘thermal treatment’.Incineration is now seen as an essential part of any waste reduction plan to minimise waste and the amount of waste that goes to landfill.What materials can I put into an Incinerator?

  • Eco-Cycle Efficient Incinerators

    Eco-Cycle Efficient Incinerators

    The EcoCycle badge is an accumulation of energy efficient technologies developed by Addfield, which allows us to create some of the most fuel efficient and eco friendly incinerator and cremator ...


  • FT present at Funéraire in Paris

    FT present at Funéraire in Paris

    FT attended the biennial Funéraire trade fair in Paris (le Bourget) in November and were the only manufacturer of cremation equipment and accessories to attend.At our spacious stand we were able to greet many visitors and advise them on ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Cremator Ovens

    Cremator Ovens

    Crematory ovens mod. FT have been designed with an innovative technique which allows to maximize the cremation process, thanks to finest refractory materials and systems for heat recovery and reutilization which otherwise would be lost in the atmosphere.