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  • Full-Automatic CRT Cutting Equipment
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    Full-Automatic CRT Cutting Equipment

    By Jiangxi Mingxin Metallurgy Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    CRT mechanical cutting machine is used pneumatic manipulator arm with a combination of cutting to complete an automatic cutting process equipment. By pushing and pulling the cylinder to high-speed rotation of the ...

  • Lens Array (SLA)
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    Lens Array (SLA)

    By GoFoton

    The SELFOC Lens Array is used in 1:1 image transfer applications. The arrays are composed of one or more rows of lenses. The images from adjacent lenses overlap and form a continuous erect image. The SLA`s short total ...

  • CRT Cutter with Diamond Blade
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    CRT Cutter with Diamond Blade

    By San Lan Technologies Co.,Ltd

    Mechanical CRT monitor cutter with diamond blade: After releasing ni-chrome band CRT cutter in 2009 years, now we are releasing new mechanical CRT diamond cutter. This mechanical CRT diamond cutter is consisting of 1 ...

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