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  • Precision Metal Fabrication
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    Precision Metal Fabrication

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC)

    Laser: Bystronic ByStar 4020 cutting laser is extremely versatile. In addition to flat materials, tubes and profiles can also be processed by our laser cutting system. The Bystar is the most efficient laser in the ...

  • Heavy Duty Cutter Pumps
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    Heavy Duty Cutter Pumps

    By Landustrie Sneek BV

    Our LANDY heavy duty cutter pumps are specifically designed for sewage and wastewater applications where solids have to be cut into small particles. The high torque cutting system cuts, where others grind, and most ...

  • Stationar Universal Shredding System
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    Stationar Universal Shredding System

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH

    With the Apollo series you are ready to recycle almost anything. Tailored to companies with low to medium material volumes, the machine makes it possible to shred diverse product waste down to defined output sizes in a ...

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  • Xiamen Swift Industrial Blades Co.,Ltd 

    Xiamen Swift Industrial Blades Co.,Ltd 

    Xiamen Swift Industrial Blades Co.,Ltd is highly specialized in offering a wide variety of custom-made & OEM Industrial blades and machine knives in ...

  • Frielitz Fahrzeugbau und Zubehör GmbH

    Frielitz Fahrzeugbau und Zubehör GmbH

    Cutting technology. Everything for Shredder & Granulators. Shredder blades and shredder knives. Supply blades for: ARP - Bano - Blackfriars - Ecodi ...


    METKRAFT, operating for 20 years under the Zenith Cutter brand, has produced industrial knives in Vietnam for export to the USA, Europe, Australia, ...

  • D.B. Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

    The inception of our group in 1951 was based on firm principles of quality consciousness, attention to detail combined with cost-effectiveness. Atlas ...

  • High Speed and Carbide (HSC)

    High Speed and Carbide (HSC)

    HSC Knives is a Specialist Machine Knife Manufacturer based in Sheffield, England and focussed on Recycling, Waste Management and OEM Manufacture. ...