Drain Cleaning

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  • Drain Cleaning Snakes
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    Drain Cleaning Snakes

    By Härke GmbH & Co. KG

    Drain cleaning snake with double-wire construction with two layers of spring wire and adjustable handle.

  • Drain Rods
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    Drain Rods

    By Härke GmbH & Co. KG

    Drain rods serve for a first connection of manholes in dirty sewers, e.g. for the transfer of a wire rope from manhole to manhole. In addition drain rods can be used directly for the removal of blockages or also for the ...

  • Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner
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    Liquid Drain & Trap Cleaner

    By Roebic Laboratories, Inc.

    Organic debris can build-up in household drains and traps, which may lead to slow draining kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and tubs. Left untreated this buildup will cause clogs and back-ups. Keep your drains and traps ...

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  • Guichon Valves

    Guichon Valves

    Guichon Valves, an independent european company, led by a long-term oriented management team, is focused on design, manufacturing, assembling and ...

  • KOR Equipment Solutions

    KOR Equipment Solutions

    KOR focus on creating long term customer value through the importation of leading global technology, with service offerings underpinned by ...

  • Miles Drainage Ltd

    Miles Drainage Ltd

    Miles Drainage Ltd was founded in 1988 by Peter and Liz Robotham and we still continue to develop our reputation as a well established, trusted ...

  • Stormwater Industries, Inc.

    Stormwater Industries, Inc.

    Stormwater Industries, Inc. was founded upon the vision of aiding municipalities and property owners with the difficult task of reducing the amount ...

  • BCMbio, Inc.

    BCMbio, Inc.

    Airmax, Inc. is a bacteria and enzyme manufacturer whose focus is bioremediation for wastewater, lakes, ponds, oil, greases, sludge and odor. Our ...