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  • The Simple Process Of A Metal Recycling Center

    The Simple Process Of A Metal Recycling Center

    Metal recycling is an eco-friendly way to save our already stressed out environment by the way of recycling old and worn-out metal items to use them further as a raw material in the process of manufacturing new steel items. Metal recycling industry in another right step in the direction of contributing towards more greener and healthier environment. This industry has expanded manifold in recent ...

  • Aluminum dross processing, Bahrain

    Aluminum dross processing, Bahrain

    The Gulf region is the world’s fastest-growing aluminum smelting hub, expected to account for 10% of global production by 2010. Aluminum producers remain liable for the ultimate safe disposal ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Chemical-Resistant Castable

    Chemical-Resistant Castable

    Sauereisen Chemical-Resistant Castable No. 35 is a gunitable, hydraulicallysetting, calcium aluminate cement. No. 35 is recommended for protection of concrete and steel surfaces from high temperatures, thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack by mild acids or alkalies. No. 35 can eliminate costly firebrick or tile linings and is equally effective for new construction or rehabilitation ...