Engine Oil Recycling

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  • Soot Meter
    Showcase Product

    Soot Meter

    By Spectro Scientific

    The InfraCal2 Soot Meter provides an easy-to-use ASTM approved test method for measuring percent soot in diesel engine lubricating oils. The Soot Meter is based on proven IR technology, originally developed by Wilks, ...

  • Engine Fluid Temperature Control
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    Engine Fluid Temperature Control

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    The Sierra temperature control assembly is designed to provide temperature control of engine coolant, engine oil and turbo/intercooler (or other cooling circuits) in engine test applications, from a single bed water ...

  • Portable Marine BN Analyzer
    Showcase Product

    Portable Marine BN Analyzer

    By Spectro Scientific

    Today, marine engine suppliers recommend daily monitoring of the Base Number (BN) to optimize cylinder lubrication feed rate and determine the residual BN of the piston underside oil. Changes in vessel operation are ...

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