Ferrous Scrap

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  • 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnets
    Showcase Product

    2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnets

    By Moley Magnetics, Inc.

    The Moley 2-in-1 Sorting Claw Magnet, our Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Scrap Magnet (ESA) / 24-Volt Battery Scrap Magnet (ESB) with two sets of claws, is a robust and heavy duty magnet ideally suited for  ferrous scrap ...

  • Hook Lift Bodies
    Showcase Product

    Hook Lift Bodies

    By Gervasi Ecologica s.r.l.

    Gervasi Ecologica hook-lift bodies are manufactured and installed on medium or heavy Chassis in order to fully satisfy the needs of transport and loading/unloading of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, waste and ...

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  • Rs Adnmetal

    We are a Portuguese Company that provides the best solution in terms of non~ferrous scraps supply - Bronze, Brass and Cooper - . Our main goal is to ...

  • Colmar S.p.a.

    Colmar S.p.a.

    COLMAR has become a world-wide reference point in the recycling field. This has been accomplished by offering a range of products able to satisfy the ...

  • LC Technologies

    LC TECHNOLOGIES distributes processing solutions and control for waste recycling, ferrous scrap recycling and non-ferrous scrap recycling. With over ...

  • Metaliks Dis Tic.

    Trading of non-ferrous scrap like Nickel,Cobalt,Tungsten internationally.Common forms include sludge,chips and solids.We have the certificate from ...

  • Rottami Padana Spa

    Rottami Padana Spa

    Rottami Padana SpA operates in the Italian Market since 1974, dealing with recovery of ferrous and non ferrous scraps and being a qualified supplier ...