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  • Spilfyter - NPS Corporation

    Spilfyter - NPS Corporation

    We Clean up your Bottom Line! Spilfyter is committed to providing high-quality products, responsive service and exceptional value. We utilize ...

  • Colonial Commercial Cleaning, LLC

    Colonial Commercial Cleaning, LLC is a leading commercial cleaning services company with years of experience, meeting the janitorial and building ...

  • Alban Cleaning Services Ltd

    Commercial cleaning specialists Alban Cleaning Services Ltd provide cleaning services in St Albans, Watford & Hemel Hempstead for businesses. ...

  • Centaur Floor Machines Ltd.

    Centaur Floor Machines Ltd.

    When Tony Lelkes, the president of Centaur Floor Machines, fled his native Communist Hungary in 1956, he arrived in Canada to fulfill his dream of ...

  • Jadon

    Jadon has been in involved in the specialist business of removing chewing gum and cleaning floors for many years now. We control the development and ...