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food waste collection Equipment

  • Kerbloader - Multi Fraction Kerbside Collection Vehicle

    The Terberg Kerbloader is developed specifically for ‘segregated at source’  kerbside collection of dry recyclables and food waste. Safe and efficient collection of multiple recyclable streams is made possible by the combination of a high level automated plastic/can press system, various removable stillages, a card press unit and ...

    By Terberg Matec UK Ltd. based in Birchwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dry Recyclable & Food Waste Collection Vehicles Product line

  • Envac - Kitchen Waste Collection Systems

    Wherever food is handled, waste is produced. Waste food creates hygiene risks no matter where it is transported or stored and handling it is a time-consuming, non-profitable process. The Envac system removes all manual handling and transport and turns waste into an important environmental resource instead.

    By Envac AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Solid Kitchen Caddy

    Our Kitchen Caddy range is the perfect solution for collecting food waste in the kitchen. Whether for collection or for home composting, all of the caddies do a great job and have been tested over many millions of units supplied. The solid caddies are available in three sizes: 5, 7 and 10 litres. Solid caddies may be used either with or without a ...

    By Straight plc based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Waste Recycling Product line

  • Cesaro - Model Tiger HS 640 - Food Waste Processing

    The Cesaro Tiger food waste de-packaging system has been designed for the effective separation and processing of organic waste from food waste collection or expired packaged foodstuff and can form an integral part of an anaerobic digestion, composting or organic waste treatment plant.

    By Blue Group based in Stirling, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recycling - Food Waste Processing Product line

  • Envac - Model Quantum 300 - Chute Compactor

    Envac Quantum 300 is our latest development. It includes a newly-developed chute compactor that allows increased storage capacity, smaller pipe dimension and lower energy consumption.

    By Envac AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Dragon - Food Waste to Biomass Energy Plant

    The Dragon food waste to energy biomass process, takes food waste and creates a valuable resource, biomass fuel. The system comprises of one our Gobi Dryers and a specially designed biomass energy plant. The dried food fuels the plant which generates heat and hot water (or steam / thermal oil). This is connected to one or more of your heat or hot ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dragon Food Waste to Energy Product line

  • Vented Kitched Caddy

    The range of vented kitchen caddies is designed for collecting food waste in the kitchen using a Compost-a-Bag compostable liner. As the liner is breathable, the moisture content of the food reduces by evaporation. As a consequence the weight of the material to be collected reduces too.

    By Straight plc based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Waste Recycling Product line

  • Disperator - Model 500 Excellent ATF - Food Waste Disposers

    With an ATF assembly installation is simplified as no welding is required when mounting on-site in the kitchen. The unit is installed in the sink’s existing drain outlet using a screw joint reinforcement and designed for continuous feeding of food waste which means effective handling of large amounts of food waste without unnecessary ...

    By Disperator AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Food Disposer Product line

  • Disperator - Model GTS-Series - Food Waste Processor

    The GTS-series grounds food waste immediately and efficiently into small particles for transport using a unique processor pump, without or with very little added flushing water as a means of transport, to a sealed and odorless tank either placed indoors or outdoors.

    By Disperator AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Food Disposer Product line

  • Model WASTE2-0 - Food Waste Bio - Digesters

    Waste2O food waste bio-digester is a simple and scalable solution which can handle any quantity of food waste and digest it onsite meaning you are left with no collection or landfill charges for the food waste that Waste2O digests.

    By Mechline Developments Limited based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environment - Food Waste Bio - Digesters Product line

  • Food Waste Caddies and Containers

    BioBag offers different types of food waste caddies and containers for different purposes and use. Kindly see our assortment below.

    By BioBag International AS based in Askim, NORWAY. from Waste Management Product line

  • Model CTR - Special Waste Collection Bin

    Manufactured in solid format for use in general materials handling applications. Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Virgin material - guaranteed and certified.Resistant to infra-red and ultra-violet rays.Resistant to extreme temperatures.Can be stacked.Easily recycled at the end of its working life.Available in various configurations to ...

    By Jcoplastic S.p.A. based in Battipaglia (Sa), ITALY. from Waste Management Bins Product line

  • Free Standing Units

    The unit is made up by a stainless steel cabinet containing a commercial food waste disposer fitted with a proper design “intake hopper” to feed food waste inside the disposer and an electrical control panel which runs the whole unit by means of a suitable PLC working software which informs the operator about any possible failures or ...

    By Ecofast Italia S.r.l. based in Milano, ITALY. from Modular Food Waste Reduction System Product line

  • Model 2 Gallon - Food Waste Container

    The Food Waste Container is the clean and easy way to collect and carry organic kitchen waste from the home to the main curbside collection container. The 2 gallon container is dishwasher safe.

    By Rehrig Pacific Company based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Waste & Recycling - Organic Waste Carts & Containers Product line

  • Dewaterers

    The IMC WastePro dewaterer offers excellent levels of durability, reliability and performance for kitchens serving up to 1450 meals per sitting.Combined with a food waste disposer, WastePro deals with food waste at source, efficiently reducing waste volume by up to 80%. This offers significantly reduced food waste collection costs.WastePro is ...

    By Duleek Packaging based in Co Louth, IRELAND. from Food Disposal Product line

  • Sacks for Commercial - Food Waste

    Svenco manufacture sacks for the collection of food waste from commercial kitchens, butchers, bakers, schools etc. The sacks can be free standing, held within a purpose made trolly, or to line a 45L caddy or bin. The sack is made from 2 plies of wet strength paper which can be composed together with the contents to meet all EU and UK regulations.

    By Svenco Papperss├Ąckar AB based in Arlandastad, SWEDEN. from Areas of the Paper Waste Sack Product line

  • DBM - Kerbside Bin for Sorted Waste Collection

    Material : Atoxic recyclable PP, UV resistent. Features: Round corners, for easy cleaning. Inner Walls with Smooth Surface. Base Grip in the bottom, for an easy emptying. Locking-handle solution, in order to prevent the accidental opening of the lid. Bins have system allowing a confortable bag insertion. Use : Paper, Glass, Alu Cans and Food ...

  • Disperator - Model 500 Excellent Basic Series - Food Disposer

    The 500 Excellent Series has been designed to meet modern demands for the handling of food waste wherever it is produced in the kitchen. The grinding unit of special cast steel alloys and its unique shaft seals, together with IP55 classified motors ensure that the disposers give long and trouble free service. The choice of the basic ...

    By Disperator AB based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN. from Food Disposer Product line

  • BioBag - Model 958160 - MaxAir Food Scrap Collection Bucket

    The MaxAir buckets are ventilated on all sides, including the top and bottom, minimizing odor and wetness that leads to rotting food waste. The MaxAir buckets are attractive for countertop placement and are also hinged if you wish to hang the bucket inside the door of your kitchen sink. Must be used with Small 3 Gallon Food Waste Bags.

    By BioBag Americas, Inc. based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA). from Retail Home Products Product line

  • Food Sediment Solids Strainers

    'Food' sediment waste can cause drainage problems as much as fats, oils and greases. Food waste collects around fat deposits in drains, making it much more difficult to degrade. It also increases the likelihood of blockages, floods and foul odours. Removal of food waste at source is an often neglected form of wastewater treatment, yet with the ...

    By Aqua Mundus Ltd based in Wickhamford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Filter Traps Product line

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