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ColorSort - Glass Lasting Machines

by MSS, Inc.     based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA)

One of our most successful and longest lasting machines ever! With some Glass ColorSort™ units still operational after 15 years, it clearly has proven its ruggedness in the truly abrasive environment of glass recycling technology. Ceramics, stones and porcelain (CSP) are the “enemy” of glass recycling and you need the highest ...

Mogensen MSort - Model AF - Glass Sorting System

by ALMO Process Technology, a division of the ALLGAIER-Group     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

The MSort AF is designed for special applications with flat glass in the particle size range of 4 – 30 mm. The material has been dried and screened into very small particles. This material is mostly contaminated by light and dark off-colours and rubber and foil residues. The input material is scanned as with the type AL, however, because of ...

Model DT-230 SR - Mini-shredder

by Delitek AS     based in Alsvaag, NORWAY

DT-230SR medium capacity shredder is designet for marine installations, consisting of a shredder unit, stainless steel framework, hopper and the C-200 container. The DT-230SR is ideal for most waste materials such as various food waste including bones, paper and cardboard, tins and soda cans, PE soda bottles, other PE materials etc.DT-230SR is a ...

Model Stacker - Products for the container glass industry

by hoelschertechnic-gorator® GmbH & Co. KG     based in Gescher, GERMANY

Automatic synchronization of transverse stroke speed to the cross beltPractical interlocking of all three controlled axes to each otherVariable programing of speeds and positionsVariable, custom programming of the acceleration and deceleration ramps of all three servo-controlled axesMinimum cycle time 3.0 secondsHand-held terminal for parameter ...

Shark - Glass Separator

by Shark Solutions A/S     based in Vipperød, DENMARK

The separator allows for a controlled process, in which clean glass cullets, and PVB fractions, can be produced according to various industrial user requirements, with respect to quality as well as grain sizes of the glass cullets.

Glass Washers

by Enlog LLC     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

Glass washers are essential in assuring the module frontside glass (coverglass) is perfectly clean before laminating. All dust, residue or fingerprint needs to be completely removed before lamination to avoid delamination problems.An even higher level of cleanliness is desired by thin film PV manufacturers as the glass needs to be absolutely clean ...

Glass Recyclates

by Gorenje Surovina d.o.o.     based in Maribor, SLOVENIA

Glass recyclates are sorted into two main categories: the flat glass (car glass and window glass) and glass containers (bottles that are increasingly losing battle with plastic bottles). Glass waste is collected in glass containers, mostly on eco islands in communities and in collection centres.

MikroSort - Model AX - Glass Sorting System

by ALMO Process Technology, a division of the ALLGAIER-Group     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

The MikroSort AX is specially designed for the sorting of big quantities of rejected material and strongly impurified recycled hollow glass ware within a particle range of 5 to 60 mm.

Glass Cleaning System

by Impact Air Systems     based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM

The Impact glass cleaning system is a valuable addition to any recycling process, improving the resale value of your glass by removing light weight fibres and debris from the material stream. The glass cleaning system can be installed at a conveyor junction and is typically applied to clean the unwanted paper shred and debris from the 10- 50mm ...

REDWAVE - Model NIR - Optical Glass Sorting Machine

by REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder     based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA

REDWAVE NIR sorting machines are used to separate plastics, acrylic glass and laminated glass from the waste glass stream.

REDWAVE - Model XRF-G - Glass Sorting Machine

by REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder     based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA

REDWAVE XRF-G Sorting machines are used in glass processing for the separation of lead glass and ceramic (heat resistant glasses). The elemental composition of the fragments is analysed by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. Particular elements, such as zinc, zirconium, strontium or lead, are searched for, to allow a precise evaluation of the shards. ...

Model 150 - Can Crusher / Glass Crusher

by Compactors Incorporated     based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Constructed of 1/4' heavy steel plate. Smooth and quiet running. 2 HP motor. Reduces cans to 1/5 original volume. Crushes glass to 1/20 original volume. Unique safety hopper protects operator when crushing glass . Available with casters.

Disperator - Model GKF550 - Glass Crusher

by Disperator AB     based in Segeltorp, SWEDEN

The glass crusher GKF550 facilitates the heavy handling and collection of empty bottles and other glass containers by grinding them into small particles. Cutting the initial volume by as much as 80% means significant reduction of storage space and fewer collections. Bottles are fed one by one continuously and the grounded particles are collected ...

Model GLASSeco - CRT Glass

by Nulife Glass Recycling Group Limited     based in Irlam, UNITED KINGDOM

Nulife Glass is pleased to be supplying de-leaded CRT glass to award-winning GLASSeco Limited.  The company mixes Nulife's de-leaded glass with crushed wine and beer bottles to create stunning worktops for domestic and commercial clients.

Disposable Visitor Safety Glass

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

These lightweight, economical safety glasses provide 100% U.V. protection. Clear, single lens. Meets ANSI, CSA and CE standards.

Austin AI - Model QXR-G - Glass Sorting & Separating System

by Austin AI, Inc.     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

Austin AI's QXR-G is a unique automated system that rapidly and accurately sorts and separates glass material into product specific categories based on its chemical composition. Based on proven Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the QXR-G system is ideal for glass recycling.

Model CP - Glass Breaker Screen

by Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Glass Breaker Screen is a multi-deck screen that utilizes cast chromium elliptical discs set at a 90-degree angle to break and separate glass at highly efficient rates. Containers and glass fall onto the first angled deck where broken glass and fines are separated, enabling aluminum, plastic and steel containers to pass through. Our Glass ...

Mogensen Mikrosort - Model AL - Flat Glass Sorting System

by ALMO Process Technology, a division of the ALLGAIER-Group     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

The MSORT AL is designed for the recycling of flat glass (window panes and car panes) within the particle range of 8 to 30 mm. The input material is either washed and dried or damp, distinguished by very fine color shades and is contaminated by rubber, foil and metal residuals. For this task, the material is detected directly on the chute with the ...

Sesotec - Model MAG 4300 series - Flat Glass Recycling

by Sesotec GmbH     based in Schoenberg, GERMANY

The MAG 4300 series of metal separators, used in glass recycling, removes metal contaminants eg aluminium, steel or lead from glass cullet. The cullet is widened on an external feeder and reaches the glass slide where the pieces are further individualised before continuing into the inspection area of the multi-channel metal detector. If a metal ...

Lubo System - Glass Breaker Screen

by Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery BV     based in Appingedam, NETHERLANDS

The Glass Breaker Screen was developed to break glass and screen it at 50 mm. Optional is a 2nd screening deck that screens at 120 mm. The 2nd deck screens tin cans among other things, in preparation of separating metal.

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