Glass Sorting and Separation

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  • Clean Room Door & Window

    Clean Room Door & Window

    As one of the most professional cleanroom door panels suppliers, Our company's clean room doors include metal door (aluminum frame plus PCGI door), steel door (steel frame PCGI door) and HPL door (HPL sandwich panel and aluminum or steel frame). According to the switch mode of the door, it can be divided into pull/push door and sliding door.

  • 6 Easy Changes to Make Any Office Greener

    There are plenty of simple changes you can make to create a greener office space. We put together a short list of tips, and also spoke to the folks at the Earth Day Network, who shared a few ways for ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Chromatography Column

    Chromatography Column

    When a purification has to be scaled up, GlasPure offers maximum flexibility in terms of scale and separation requirements. The glass columns are designed for sample amounts over 300 g and pressure up to 50 bar (725 psi).