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  • Decontamination of soil contaminated with petroleum grease

    Decontamination of soil contaminated with petroleum grease

    Contamination modifies the engineering properties of soil, thereby restricting its further use either as a construction material or as a supporting medium. Due to the scarcity of land, it becomes imperative to reuse the land for infrastructure developmental activities. Out of numerous soil contaminants, automobile grease is one of the most prominent. Considering the cumulative impact of ...


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  • Fogging Systems

    Fogging Systems

    Vapex’s Radical Odour Control Technology is a vapor phase treatment that treats odours, remediates surface fats, oils, and grease and mitigates microbial induced corrosion. The centerpiece of the Vapex technology is a the patented three-fluid nozzle that produce less than 5 micron-sized water particles. The water particles combine with ozone, a strong oxidant, to produce the second most ...